Change the Way You Age!

Did you know you can change the way you age? If you’re like the patients I see in my medical practice, you want to feel better, live healthier, look better, and improve your cognitive function to feel great inside and out. The podcast contains medical content focused on changing the way you age. So, what will you manifest? Health & vitality or aging with disease? To optimize your body and brain, I share insights from Functional, Cellular, and Regenerative Medicine. Let me help you create the health and vitality you desire. Listen and find out!

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Episode 3

The #1 Roadblock to Your Health Goals

“Stress” is defined as how our body responds to a non-specific demand for change. Talk about a year that demanded change! 2020 has been stressful for us all. Today we’ll talk about what causes stress, why you have it and how to manage/combat it.

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Episode 1

Simplifying HEALTH with Tracy Page, MD

Welcome to the HEALTH Made Easy podcast! I’m Dr. Tracy Page and I love talking about hormones, weight loss, wellness and all things health. Let’s dive into why I started the podcast, what it’s about, who it’s for, and who I am.

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