Treating Holly’s Chronic Migraines & Aiding in Her Weight Loss

"Working with Dr. Page has been a life-changing experience. I no longer have to plan my entire life around my migraines."

Holly’s Results at a Glance

  • Eliminated chronic migraines
  • Lost 30+ pounds
  • Balanced hormones
  • Treated vitamin deficiency

Before working with Dr. Page at Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine (WIFM), Holly had been suffering from chronic migraines since 2007. She met with multiple specialists and tried various approaches to find long-term solutions over the years with no success.

“The first neurologist I saw only treated my pain, without trying to find the root cause of the problem,” Holly said. “That doctor had me taking 15 medications per day before one of my loved ones stepped in and said enough was enough.”

Though Holly then pursued advice from additional physicians, she encountered the same issue. While her pain was being treated with medications, no one was able to tell her why she was experiencing migraines in the first place.

“I had multiple doctors tell me they knew I had a hormone imbalance, but no one actually tested my hormones,” Holly explained. As she continued trying to solve her pain, Holly began seeing a chiropractor who agreed that things didn’t seem to be adding up with her health.

Her chiropractor believed that functional medicine might provide the answers Holly was searching for, and recommended she see Dr. Page at WIFM. That’s when Holly’s health finally changed for the better.

Holly’s Journey

From the first encounter, Holly felt Dr. Page was a different kind of healthcare provider. In Holly’s words, “She searched for the source of my issues instead of simply trying to put a Band-Aid over them.”

Dr. Page immediately identified that Holly’s issues were caused by hormonal imbalances and vitamin deficiencies—neither of which had been tested by her past providers. Dr. Page was then able to get Holly on the proper protocol to restore balance to her body and health.

Within a month of being on her WIFM treatment plan, Holly saw incredible improvement in her health and day-to-day functioning. Not only were her migraines treated, but she also saw a significant improvement in her mood stability and energy levels.

Holly got so much relief from her chronic migraines that she was then able to shift her focus and start her weight loss journey. Though the initial medication she tried didn’t agree with Holly’s body, Dr. Page helped her shift gears and find the right injectable that worked for her.

Though she was apprehensive to take her medication through a shot, Holly is thankful she gave it a chance. “It’s not nearly as scary as it sounded at first,” she said, adding, “I’m glad I took Dr. Page’s advice.”

Holly’s Results

Today, Holly feels much better, both physically and mentally. She’s lost over 30 pounds, which has given her more energy, confidence and comfort in her own skin. Her eating habits have also completely changed for the better.

“Thanks to my injectable, I actually crave healthy foods now. I feel full and satisfied after meals and I don’t find myself snacking on things mindlessly,” Holly stated.

Holly still sees her chiropractor, and between her adjustments and treatment with Dr. Page, she’s gone over a month without even a little bit of a migraine. This has been a life-changing experience for Holly, who used to have upwards of 15 migraines a month.

Holly’s Advice for Others

“Don’t settle for doctors who put a Band-Aid over your problems. Seek doctors who look for the source of your problems and stop them altogether. Health is an investment, and fixing your problems now can save you money in the long run.”

Thanks to the functional medicine services at WIFM, Holly no longer has to go to the doctor all the time. When she does, she knows she’s in good hands with Dr. Page.

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