Transforming Briana’s Post-Pandemic Health Issues

"Lyndsay got to the source of my problems rather than simply medicating my symptoms. Now, I’m off my prescriptions and feel healthier than ever."

Briana’s Results

  • Stabilized hormones
  • Improved sleep
  • Reduced anxiety
  • Eliminated need for pharmaceuticals

Many of us can relate to feeling physically and mentally challenged during the pandemic. This difficult time in history was when thirty-nine-year-old Briana, wife, and mom to three daughters, noticed a significant shift in her attitude, awareness and energy levels.

I felt constantly fatigued, like a zombie going through the motions of the day,” Briana said.

As the stress of homeschooling and global uncertainty diminished Briana’s wellness, she was prescribed sertraline and then Wellbutrin for anxiety and mild OCD, but noticed side effects such as weight gain. She had also been on birth control for several years due to ovarian cysts. Adding to her discouragement, Briana was eating healthily and working out but not seeing results.

“Thankfully my husband was a huge support throughout all of this and encouraged me to figure out what was going on,” Briana recalled. “I wanted to pursue my health and start feeling 100 percent again.”

As fate would have it, Briana met Lyndsay Hayes, Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner for Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine (WIFM), at a golf tournament where she was able to share her recent struggles. Bolstered by Lyndsay’s assurance that WIFM could help, Briana made her first appointment in September of 2022.

Briana’s Journey

Briana told Lyndsay at her first appointment that she simply wanted to feel good again. “I didn’t care what the scale said,” Briana recalled. “I wanted to feel healthy and confident.”

Testing revealed Briana had almost zero hormones in her body from being on birth control which affected her memory, word-finding, mood, anxiety, energy levels and ability to lose weight. Slightly elevated insulin levels also prohibited her weight loss.

To address those symptoms, Lyndsay prescribed fasting to reset Briana’s body to function without having food in it. Briana started with 16-hour fasts Monday through Friday, drinking only water and black coffee during her awake time outside of her three high-protein meals. She chose to hold intermittent fasting on weekends to allow for more flexibility.

In addition, progesterone and a cortisol manager were prescribed to help with Briana’s mood, reduce anxiety and improve sleep. She began taking fiber, fish oil supplements and Vitamin D. For confidence-building and mood, Briana and Lyndsay worked out a fitness program where Briana does more weight-lifting than cardio. Eventually, testosterone was introduced to balance overall hormone levels.

“I also did a semaglutide shot for three months, one shot a week, for insulin levels,” Briana added.

In just a few months, Briana has experienced amazing results. She’s no longer plagued by her mental or physical health symptoms and has lost 14 pounds under Lyndsay’s care.

I feel great,” Briana said. “I feel the way I thought I should feel—energized, level-headed. I’m sleeping much better now. My anxiety is better, and I eat better, too.”

The effects of WIFM’s treatment ignited Briana’s passion to refer others to the clinic. She’s sent at least seven others and will continue to encourage people to prioritize feeling good. “I can’t say enough about how positively Lyndsay’s care has impacted my life on a daily basis,” Briana said.

Briana’s Advice for Others

“Be an advocate for yourself. You deserve to live each day at your best potential. I learned how difficult it is to care for others when you don’t feel your best. Each of my relationships improved once I was able to flourish again.”

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