Stabilizing Jana’s Thyroid & Catapulting Her Weight Loss Goals

"Thanks to Lyndsay’s care, my thyroid levels and weight are finally in the normal range. I feel better than I have in years."

Jana’s Results

  • Eliminated reliance on thyroid meds
  • Lost 23 pounds
  • Increased energy
  • Reduced BMI from 31 to 19.9

About four years ago, Jana, now age 49, started gaining weight while losing her usual motivation to work out. She’d been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism in 2014, a condition that required her to go on and off medication to reset her thyroid, often resulting in fluctuations in her weight. But suddenly, things were different.

I started to gain weight on what seemed like a daily basis,” Jana shared. “Something had to give. I wasn’t eating drastically differently, but I couldn’t lose weight. My energy levels were affected, too.”

Faced with the possibility of being prescribed more medication by traditional doctors, Jana opted to seek the guidance of APNP Lyndsay Hayes at Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine (WIFM) in the fall of 2022, hoping to find other methods of managing her thyroid and weight gain without resorting to medication.

Jana’s Journey

Jana’s initial consultation with Lyndsay began with her explaining the lab results in a way that was easy to understand.

“Lyndsay’s approach was very comfortable and relaxed,” Jana recalled. “I didn’t feel rushed or talked down to.”

Lyndsay identified several areas that needed improvement, including Jana’s low levels of Vitamin D and estrogen, which were impacting her energy and sleep issues along with her thyroid.

To begin addressing these concerns, Lyndsay focused on Jana’s thyroid, which was hypo due to the medication she’d been taking. She immediately took Jana off the medication and prescribed a blister pack of Vitamin D along with Vitamins B6 and B12. She also introduced intermittent fasting into Jana’s routine, five days a week, suggesting she eat meals that were high in protein and fiber, and included healthy fats.

Within a month of following Lyndsay’s protocol, Jana’s thyroid numbers were back in a normal range. In addition to diet changes, Jana took peptides for a few months to catapult her weight loss goals. She’s now lost 23 pounds.

I’m back down to my pre-kids weight,” Jana said. “I feel lighter, my clothes fit better and I’m more motivated to be active. My muscle mass and BMI have improved significantly, and my visceral fat levels have decreased to a low level. I wholeheartedly recommend WIFM to anyone looking to prioritize their health and wellness.”

Jana’s Advice for Others

Like many of WIFM’s satisfied patients, Jana has referred several people to the clinic, specifically to Lyndsay.

“My results have been outstanding,” Jana said. “I share with people that they have the option to submit the expense paperwork to insurance on their own, but ultimately remind them, your health is always worth the money.”

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