“I finally felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Rachel’s Results

  • Lost 50 pounds
  • No longer pre-diabetic
  • Increased energy & mental clarity
  • Eliminated GI issues & inflammation

Rachel’s health struggles began in 2015 after an injury that made it difficult to walk, causing her to put on weight and develop additional conditions. She was constantly tired, couldn’t lose weight (despite working with a personal trainer for a year) and knew something was wrong.

“I was so exhausted,” Rachel said, “I usually couldn’t get through my day without a nap.” She also experienced other concerning symptoms, including ongoing inflammation and unexplained hot flashes.

Despite her symptoms and concerns, Rachel was unable to obtain the care she thought she needed. Her symptoms were written off as perimenopause with no treatment options.

“I was very frustrated,” Rachel said. “I knew I didn’t feel like myself, but my doctor wouldn’t listen.” That’s when she realized she needed to take a different approach, so she turned to Dr. Page at WIFM.

Rachel’s Journey

Rachel’s first appointment was an emotional one because she finally felt listened to, heard and understood. Most importantly, she finally felt like there was hope that she could feel better.

“The first time I met with Dr. Page, I told her to please tell me something was wrong with me,” Rachel said. “It might sound strange, but hearing that there was something wrong and that she could do something about it made me finally feel like there was a light at the end of the tunnel,” she remarked.

Through thorough lab testing, Dr. Page discovered that Rachel was experiencing several serious conditions that needed to be treated. Her A1C levels were pre-diabetic, her thyroid was sluggish and her hormones, vitamins and other vital levels were out of balance.

“I was vitamin deficient, pre-diabetic, and my body was making virtually no progesterone. That, along with my sluggish thyroid, was likely the reason I couldn’t lose weight despite all my efforts in the past,” Rachel explained.

Equipped with this knowledge, Dr. Page created a protocol to get Rachel’s health back on track. Though she had signed up for the Lighten-Up Membership with the main objective of losing weight, the first step was to get Rachel’s hormones and vitamins in balance. Once she had addressed her health and was more in balance, her future weight loss would be much easier.

Within months of being on progesterone, vitamin D and low-dose naltrexone (LDN), Rachel was feeling better than she had in years. Her energy completely changed and improved, and she no longer went through her day in a fog. She even experienced more manageable PMS symptoms and less cramping.

Once her levels were on track, Rachel began to focus on rebuilding healthy nutrition and exercise habits with Dr. Page’s expert guidance. Since her start date, Rachel has lost a total of 50 pounds, got her A1C levels back to normal and is no longer pre-diabetic. A food sensitivity test also helped Rachel identify and cut out foods that were causing her inflammation. This led to eliminating whole body inflammation and GI issues.

Now that she’s reached her goals, Rachel views WIFM as a preventative health solution. “It’s helped me understand my risk factors and take preventative measures to avoid issues altogether,” Rachel explained.

Rachel’s Advice for Others

“Even if you don’t have a significant health issue, WIFM is worth it as a preventative healthcare measure alone. One of my friends found out he was at very high risk for a future heart attack and is able to take steps now to prevent it. That kind of knowledge is invaluable and will save you so much pain and money in the future.”

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