Restoring Michele’s Mental Sharpness & Energy

"This is the best I’ve felt since 2018. Dr. Page has been worth every penny."

Michele’s Results

  • Restored mental sharpness
  • Balanced hormones
  • Improved mood & increased energy
  • Weight loss

Michele, age 53, described her health as “very good” until her radical hysterectomy in 2017, a surgery that removed both ovaries and caused immediate menopause, also known as surgical menopause. Post-op life began to change slowly over the coming months and, over time, became alarming.

Fatigue set in. Michele’s weight became more difficult to manage. And worst of all, Michele had a difficult time remembering things. She was concerned she might be exhibiting the signs of early-onset dementia.

“It was scary. I’d always had a good memory and picked up new things, retained it well and was knowledgeable,” Michele said. “I worked for a top company in a higher-level position managing over a dozen people. But after surgery, within months, I could tell I just wasn’t as sharp. My inability to remember things and increasing brain fog were confusing and embarrassing. Even my family saw it and commented on it.”

Michele’s story veered toward a new path the day she questioned her conventional doctor’s advice that she take yet another prescription. Michele resisted the idea. That was when her doctor suggested she meet with Dr. Page at Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine (WIFM).

“I’ve always taken a more natural, holistic approach to my health,” Michele said. “I didn’t want to put a band-aid on my symptoms with another suggested prescription to regain my focus and energy and balance my hormones, so WIFM’s method seemed like it might be a better fit.”

Michele’s Journey

Michele’s first impression of Dr. Page in February 2022 immediately gave her hope.

“She was very genuine, sincere and approachable,” Michele said. “I felt she understood my concerns. Many physicians seemed so rushed and not present during appointments. Dr. Page was different.”

Michele’s initial consultation and test results aided Dr. Page in creating a comprehensive treatment plan to address her hormone imbalances.

“I appreciated the labs and testing Dr. Page was able to do,” Michele said. “It turned out I was on way too much estrogen and had zero to no testosterone or progesterone. My hormones were way out of sync.”

Dr. Page stopped Michele’s estrogen intake and added bio-identical hormones (testosterone and progesterone). She also told Michele which vitamins she’d been over-taking, explaining some of her fatigue.

“In addition, I’d been on thyroid medication for 20 years but hadn’t been taking it the right way,” Michele added. “Dr. Page explained that I should take it an hour before eating every morning, which I’d never done. To be on medication and not have been taking it properly also explained many of my symptoms over the last few years. That was upsetting.”

Dr. Page’s ability to articulate the plan so that Michele understood the process gave her confidence not only in Dr. Page as a doctor but also in the treatment.

Michele’s Results

In less than a year of following Dr. Page’s protocol of hormones, vitamin B shots and IV drips, Michele experienced amazing results. She dropped 17 pounds. Her energy and mood improved.

“I feel amazing,” Michele said. “When you don’t feel well for such a long time, and you actually start to feel better, you wonder how you endured feeling so ill and drained for so long. It makes me emotional. I’m extremely grateful.”

Her work with Dr. Page inspired her to lead an even healthier lifestyle than before. Michele eats better, gave up diet soda and consumes less sugar.

“Dr. Page offered me a comprehensive picture of what my health could be. Now, I enhance it. I feel so empowered to create a life that feels better every day.

Currently, Michele’s hormones are balanced. She loves “the extras” offered by WIFM such as the IV drips—Rise and Shine for mental alertness and energy, and Natural Defense for immune function, to name a few.

“The IV drips are wonderful when you need a boost and want to feel a bit better,” she shared.

Michele’s Advice for Others

Michele encourages people who aren’t feeling well and have tried other health strategies to consult with Dr. Page. “To know and share with others how my focus, my memory, my energy and much more are in balance with my health is an incredible feeling,” Michele said. “My time with WIFM has changed my life.”

For Michele, Dr. Page is a healer. “She’s a walking example of what she’s helping people become. She’s everything that she’s doing for her patients. Go see her. You’ll thank me.”

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