I haven't been able to weightlift this much since high school, and my energy is like it was when I was 30!

Ian’s Results

  • Increased energy
  • Gained muscle
  • Rebalanced hormone levels

As a lifelong weightlifter and retired police officer, Ian was no stranger to health and fitness before working with Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine (WIFM). But soon after his retirement, he noticed concerning changes in his health.

“I was struggling with my weight and energy,” Ian explained. “My drive—even my body composition—just wasn’t the same.”

Ian felt more was going on with his health beyond something that could be managed through diet and fitness alone. That’s when he reached out to WIFM and started his journey with Dr. Page.

Ian’s Journey

After working with Dr. Page to get the proper blood work and testing completed, Ian’s suspicions about his health were confirmed. He had various hormones out of balance, and his thyroid wasn’t functioning correctly.

To help Ian balance his hormones and achieve his goals, Dr. Page prescribed and implemented hormone replacement and optimized thyroid function along with an additional health plan. Ian saw an almost immediate improvement in his daily life with this treatment

“With the medication, my energy was like it was when I was in my 30s,” Ian said. “My strength has improved dramatically,” he added. “I haven’t lifted this much since high school or college.”

With this improvement in his energy and general well-being, Ian began to feel the drive and boost he needed to push himself again. After only four months of following his treatment plan, he’s ready to compete again at a weightlifting competition this coming March.

Ian reflected on his experience with Dr. Page, “she knows what she’s doing. It made me feel so much better, and I want to push myself physically because the treatment plan works, and you can really achieve amazing results.”

Ian has already come so far in his short time with WIFM. We’re sure he will continue accomplishing incredible things along his journey, and we’ll be rooting for him in March!

Ian’s Advice for Others

“The best thing you can do is follow your treatment plan. If you tell your WIFM provider the results you’re hoping for, they will give you the tools to help you do it. You have to put in the work, but combined with your treatments, you’ll have all the tools and motivation you need to get where you want to be.”

What Will You Achieve with WIFM?

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