“I feel stronger and happier now than I ever have. It’s like EJ 2.0”

EJ’s Results

  • Lost 38 pounds
  • Lost 12% body fat
  • Lowered cholesterol levels
  • No longer pre-diabetic

Having completed an Iron Man at age 39, EJ was no stranger to health and wellness before starting his journey with us. His fitness routine had fallen to the wayside, and he was starting to feel the effects.

“Before working with Dr. Page,” EJ said, “I was feeling rundown. My career kept me stuck in a car for up to six hours a day and by the time I was done working, my hips and knees were just screaming. I was exhausted and didn’t have the energy for anything by the time I got home.”

EJ needed a solution to help him build his strength, restore his vitality and improve his recovery time.

EJ’s Journey

EJ started by focusing on weight loss. Dr. Page took the guesswork out of the equation and helped EJ create the fitness routine and make the dietary changes that would have the most impact on his unique body chemistry.

Within the first three months in the program, EJ had successfully lost a substantial amount of weight and was ready to supercharge his results by integrating hormone replacement therapy.

This was a game-changer for EJ. “It’s just incredible what it does,” he explained. “Not only has it helped me build muscle like I never have before, but it has also improved my recovery time and energy.”

EJ also noted that he has even been able to save money while in the program. “My wife and I have practically offset the cost of working with Dr. Page because of our dietary changes,” he explained. “We’ve cut down our food consumption and eat out far less, which has saved us a great deal of money while helping us feel our best.”

That’s a lot of incredible achievements and EJ’s journey is only just beginning! After experiencing so much success from the program, EJ says he’ll continue his work with Dr. Page for as long as he is able.

EJ’s Advice for Others

“The work might be hard, but the process is simple. Call, do what Dr. Page recommends and it will work. I put off hormone replacement therapy at the start of my process, but it truly was what I needed to take my results to the next level. If you listen to Dr. Page from the get-go, you won’t be disappointed.”

Restore Your Strength and Vitality

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