Daniele’s Results

  • Lost 35 pounds
  • Resolved chronic pain
  • Restored energy
  • Eliminated inflammation
  • Improved mental health

After 17 years serving in the United States Navy, Daniele’s fibromyalgia and chronic pain forced her into early retirement at 45. Soon after, she was put on a course of medications that caused her to gain 30 pounds in one month, leading to years of ongoing issues.

“I was dealing with excess weight, and my inflammation was so bad I felt like I had glass shards in my joints,” Daniele explained. “I was also exhausted by the end of the day and had zero energy for the things I used to love.”

Although she tried many solutions to lose weight and manage her health, including following a strict Paleo diet for six weeks, nothing helped. As her physical health issues continued, Daniele’s mental health also declined.

“It was an extremely low point for me,” Daniele explained. “Everything was difficult, and I was very depressed. At the time, it felt like it was all my fault.”

In her search for solutions, Daniele was referred to Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine by friends who had experienced positive results with Dr. Page. Through virtual appointments and remote services, Daniele was finally able to get relief and see results while working remotely with Dr. Page from her California home.

Daniele’s Journey

Within the first five minutes of Daniele’s initial virtual appointment, Dr. Page assured her that she was not to blame for the health issues she’d been experiencing.

To discover what Daniele was dealing with, the WIFM team helped coordinate getting her lab work completed in California.

The remote aspect is incredibly easy,” Daniele said. “The portal is easy to use and gives me access to everything I need. Plus, the entire WIFM team is extremely helpful in getting everything set up locally, like my labs and prescriptions.”

Daniele’s labs revealed there were, in fact, many previously-undiagnosed issues influencing her health. Her body wasn’t producing progesterone (an essential hormone that helps to regulate the menstrual cycle, improves immune function and mood, reduces body fat, relieves joint pain in peri-menopausal & menopausal women and has many more important functions in the body) and she had thyroid issues the Navy had not previously found.

Dr. Page also identified that Daniele had an insulin intolerance, which had made any kind of weight loss essentially impossible. Equipped with this information, Dr. Page got Daniele the prescriptions and health protocol she needed to finally experience relief.

“The first change I noticed was in my energy,” Daniele said. “I found myself doing chores around the house at night after work—something I never had the energy to do before.”

Over the course of four and a half months, Daniele’s results kept increasing. Her inflammation was eliminated, and she was no longer in constant pain. She also lost 35 pounds and got to break out the clothes she hadn’t been able to fit into for years.

“I just cannot state how much better my life is,” Daniele reflected. “Thanks to Dr. Page and the entire WIFM team, I don’t feel like my life is over anymore.”

Her only regret was that she didn’t find the solutions at WIFM sooner. “If I had found Dr. Page earlier,” Daniele explained, “I would have been able to finish my service in the Navy.”

Although it was difficult to realize her pain and health issues could have been relieved sooner, Daniele couldn’t be happier with where she is now.

We look forward to continuing to help Daniele feel better each day and achieve all the goals she has ahead of her in this next chapter of her life!

Daniele’s Advice for Others

“Trust the process—it works! No matter what you hope to achieve at WIFM, your results won’t happen overnight. Keep your focus on building a routine and sticking to Dr. Page’s guidance and you will see and feel the results.

And, if you’re not located in Wisconsin, don’t let the distance stop you from getting the care you deserve. Dr. Page can help no matter where you’re located!

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