“Dr. Page has provided the only solution that's ever worked.”

Janet’s Results

  • Lost over 100 pounds
  • Restored vitamin & hormone levels
  • Increased energy
  • Eliminated heartburn

As a truck driver who often spends up to 12 hours on the road each day, Janet found her health was suffering from being confined to sitting all day. She was overweight despite her many efforts to improve her nutrition, and she experienced frequent heartburn and fatigue.

She had tried many weight loss clinics, programs and other solutions in the past, but none of them provided results.

“Being on the road all day, I really only have about 30 minutes to get around and exercise,” Janet explained. “And I can’t cook, so I’m really limited when it comes to what meals I can eat.”

Knowing that there had to be a solution, Janet turned to Dr. Page here at Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine and enrolled in the Lighten-Up Membership program. In a little over a year, she has been able to achieve incredible results, both for her weight loss goals and overall health.

Janet’s Journey

When Janet began working with Dr. Page, she discovered that it wasn’t just her truck driving that was making her weight loss nearly impossible. With a thorough hormone panel test, Dr. Page identified that many of Janet’s hormones and vitamin levels were out of balance.

Dr. Page got Janet started on a protocol for various hormone replacements, as well as supplements to boost both her iron and vitamin B levels. This helped tremendously with her energy and aided in her weight loss.

“The best part about this process is that I don’t just look better—I feel better,” Janet said. “I have so much more energy, I’m more focused and my heartburn has been resolved.”

With the Lighten-Up Weight Loss Membership, Dr. Page created a personalized medication plan to aid in Janet’s efforts and helped her develop a nutrition and fitness plan to implement.

After just over one year, Janet has lost over 100 pounds and is continuing to lose weight! Although she says this is just the beginning of her health journey, her life has already improved massively.

“I’m just able to do so much more, now that I’m not carrying around all that extra weight and dealing with other health issues,” Janet said.

We can’t wait to see Janet’s health and happiness continue to improve as she works with WIFM!

Janet’s Advice for Others

“Working with Dr. Page is the best investment I’ve made for my health. With the results I’ve gotten, her guidance and programs are so worth the price. If you don’t want to waste money on multiple other solutions, WIFM really works.”

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