“Dr. Page has given me a completely new, pain-free lease on life.”

Kelly’s Results

  • Eliminated chronic pain
  • Resolved autoimmune symptoms
  • Restored progesterone levels
  • Resolved brain fog

Kelly first began working with Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine in April of 2022, after she was unable to correct her issues while seeing her network of doctors.

She had been dealing with chronic pain and unmanaged autoimmune symptoms for years, in addition to two prior miscarriages—none of which her doctors could provide answers or treatments for.

Kelly was experiencing brain fog to the point that she thought she would have to quit her job and had so much pain that she had trouble walking and picking up her kids. Still, no one would provide Kelly with the testing or treatment needed.

“I was completely disregarded by the specialists I saw,” Kelly said. “My pain had gotten so bad I could hardly walk or pick up my kids, and my brain fog was impacting my work every day. Still, no one would help me. When I advocated for myself and asked for testing, I was told by multiple specialists to “just take ibuprofen’. It made me feel crazy.”

After spending thousands of dollars without answers or treatment for her pain, Kelly still hadn’t given up but had completely lost faith in traditional healthcare. She knew she needed to take a different approach and invest in someone who would give her a solution. That’s when she turned to the expertise of Dr. Page here at WIFM.

Kelly’s Journey

As soon as Kelly began working with Dr. Page, she immediately knew this process would offer more answers and solutions than the conventional methods she had tried in the past.

Dr. Page got to work addressing Kelly’s issues via hormone replacement therapy. She also prescribed Kelly with Low-Dose Naltrexone (LDN), which has completely obliterated her chronic pain.

“It’s been incredible,” Kelly said. “I had begun to feel like I would never find a solution, and just one month into working with Dr. Page, I was completely pain-free.

Through extensive lab testing, Dr. Page also identified that Kelly’s body hadn’t been producing any progesterone. As a sex hormone involved in menstruation and pregnancy, Kelly discovered that her lack of progesterone could have likely been one of the leading causes of her two prior miscarriages.

“It was devastating to realize my lost pregnancies likely could have been prevented,” Kelly said about this discovery. “I’m shocked this was never even mentioned by my OBGYN or other physicians, but I’m so thankful to Dr. Page for giving me the answers I had been desperately seeking.”

Knowing that Kelly wanted another baby, Dr. Page helped improve her progesterone levels in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy. Less than a year into her journey, Kelly is now pregnant, pain-free and healthier than ever.

Kelly’s Advice for Others

“If you think you can’t afford to pay for this service, go back and look at what you’ve spent with out-of-pocket traditional healthcare. The money I’ve spent with Dr. Page has provided me with more answers and solutions than I ever received from conventional physicians. When you’re ready to invest in yourself and your health, the incredible services at WIFM are well worth it.”

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