Resolving Kristie’s Year-Long Insomnia

"Dr. Page really listens. She addresses the issues not always discussed during routine primary care visits."

Kristie’s Results

  • Healed insomnia
  • Weight loss
  • Rebalanced hormone levels
  • Healthier, glowing skin

Thirty-seven-year-old Kristie felt confident she could address her insomnia on her own. After all, she worked in the health and wellness field and was knowledgeable about routines that led to quality sleep.

Kristie began to experiment with more than six ways to improve her sleep including general stress reduction, yoga, diet changes, meditation, sleep apps and quitting alcohol.

“On top of everything I was doing to adjust my lifestyle, I swallowed every supplement you can think of, and eventually tried prescription medication,” Kristie said. “The meds were the one thing that helped me sleep, but unfortunately, only made me feel more tired in the morning.”

As her insomnia worsened, it affected Kristie’s life in every way. “I had low energy but was extremely anxious. Nothing helped. I couldn’t get a good night’s sleep,” she explained.

Her mental sharpness declined. She no longer felt well enough to meet up with friends or be social. Instead, her life was consumed with figuring out how to fall asleep and feel better.

Kristie’s Journey

In 2022, Kristie’s struggle with horrible sleep and anxiety eventually led her to Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine (WIFM). Kristie noted she felt extremely calm during her first appointment with Dr. Page. This gave her hope after spending a year in so much turmoil.

“Finally, I had someone knowledgeable listening to me, someone helping me find relief,” Kristie said. “Dr. Page was able to simplify what was happening with my hormone imbalances so I could understand them. I never knew someone my age could be diagnosed with estrogen dominance.”

A progesterone troche and oxytocin nasal spray taken at bedtime helped soothe Kristie and were two of the reasons she was able to start sleeping again. Inflammation in her body was addressed. With sleep came other health benefits. Kristie’s energy levels went up. Her face looked less puffy. She put on more muscle and started to lose weight.

“Now, I feel as good as I did before I had kids,” Kristie said. In the past, she was used to doing things such as meditating, reducing stress and changing her diet, but not reaping any benefits. With Dr. Page, Kristie’s ongoing healthy habits finally provided results that made sense.

Best of all? “I sleep beautifully,” she shared.

She continues to enjoy WIFM’s aesthetic services such as the Fotona 4D skin rejuvenation facial for healthier-looking, glowing skin.

Kristie’s Advice for Others

Kristie appreciates WIFM’s transparent, competitive pricing that allows people to save and plan for the treatments they want to try next. “Dr. Page’s pricing is very reasonable. I knew the cost of everything upfront.”

Her only regret is that she wishes she had gone to WIFM sooner. “Don’t spend the next months or years not feeling well,” she shares. “Why wait? Just take the leap.”

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