“I wasn’t just another number, here. They took the time to get to know me as a person and customize my treatment plan to my needs and lifestyle.”

Tom’s Results

  • Cholesterol went from 334->246
  • Triglycerides went from 147->74
  • LDL ( Bad Cholesterol ) went from 245-> 179
  • Lost 19 pounds
  • Reduced inflammation
  • No longer pre-diabetic

Tom had a long history of high cholesterol for years before turning to the functional medicine services at WIFM. He had been taking the highest dosage of cholesterol medication for a decade but hadn’t seen any success.

In addition to his high cholesterol, Tom just wasn’t feeling his best. He knew that, if he wanted to take control of his cholesterol and overall health, he would need to try something new.

“I was a little hesitant to do anything outside of traditional medicine,” Tom explained, “but I knew Lyndsay Hayes and trusted her expertise, so I decided to give WIFM a try.”

Working with Lyndsay Hayes, APNP, Tom has been on his WIFM journey for under six months and has already seen great improvements in his health!

Tom’s Journey

Tom immediately realized working with Lyndsay would be better than his past experiences trying to get help for his cholesterol and other health issues. As he recalls, Lyndsay was much more prepared for Tom’s first appointment than he was used to from other practitioners.

“Lyndsay knew my health history in detail and had a thorough understanding of my concerns before I even got to my appointment,” Tom explained. Rather than feeling like just another number in the system, Tom said it always felt like Lyndsay “took a special interest” in his care and did everything she could to help.

Once Tom’s lab work was completed, Lyndsay discovered he was pre-diabetic (with high A1-C levels) and had a host of other issues. With this information in mind, Lyndsay created a customized treatment plan for Tom that included diet and lifestyle changes, one prescription and getting on a supplement and vitamin protocol.

Around his 10th week of the program, Tom says he started noticing substantial results. Having had a total of six knee surgeries before coming to WIFM, Tom was finally able to get some relief for his chronic pain. “We started treating my inflammation, and my joints feel so much better now,” Tom said.

Tom also generally feels better, stating that he has a lot more energy and feels great physically. Though it wasn’t an initial goal, Tom has also lost a total of 19 pounds since starting his journey.

He isn’t completely off his cholesterol medication yet, but Tom continues to see great improvements with Lyndsay and is looking forward to the day when he can say goodbye to his cholesterol medication for good!

Tom’s Advice for Others

“I highly recommend getting a second opinion if you’re having issues and can’t find anyone who will listen. Find a doctor who can create a custom treatment plan, because everyone’s health is different and you likely won’t get results by being treated like everyone else.”

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