“Dr. Page saved my life. I feel so much better and I’m finally seeing results after years of searching for solutions.”

Jamie’s Results

  • Lost 80 pounds
  • Better mental clarity
  • Improved sleep
  • Decreased risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Truly enjoys life & healthy habits

Forty-one-year-old Jamie had felt like a prisoner of her own body since childhood. For years she struggled with being overweight and having irregular periods. She experimented with numerous ways to lose weight including Weight Watchers, calorie-counting, a personal trainer and regular workouts, with no success.

Then, Jamie’s hair started to fall out. Even worse, she began to grow hair in unwanted places such as on her face and a small patch on her chest. Jamie decided to seek advice from a doctor in traditional healthcare.

“Mainly, I was told at those visits that I was eating too much,” Jamie said. She was given two unsatisfactory options for her irregular periods: either start birth control or get a hysterectomy. “That’s when I launched into my own research. I was so sick of feeling exhausted. I knew something was wrong with me and I wanted to do something about it.”

In September 2019, Jamie’s research led her to try functional medicine with Dr. Page.

Jamie’s Journey

What Jamie remembers most from her initial appointment was how Dr. Page listened to her story and validated everything she had been going through.

“She told me, ‘you’re not crazy and it’s not normal to have abnormal cycles or feel the way you do,’” Jamie recalled. “I was overjoyed. I finally felt heard.”

Lab results confirmed Dr. Page’s suspicions that Jamie’s hormones were severely imbalanced. Jamie’s body wasn’t creating any progesterone while her estrogen was extremely high. With this information in mind, Dr. Page created a custom treatment plan to restore Jamie’s health and help her finally start to see results.

In addition to supplements, diet and exercise, she started on low-dose naltrexone to help reduce inflammation and semaglutide to help regulate her blood sugar, insulin and appetite.

In July 2022, for the first time ever, Jamie’s HRA health risk assessment score was in the normal range at 3.5. It had previously always been high risk at over 5.9.

“My cholesterol numbers came down dramatically,” Jamie said. “My total cholesterol went from 211 to 164. By following WIFM’s protocol, I’m no longer at risk for cardiac disease.”

Today, she’s lost about 80 pounds but says weight isn’t the defining metric of her health.

“For me, good health is about the energy I have and my new attitude toward life,” Jamie said. “I’m excited to grow older. I’m no longer terrified of menopause. Best of all, I’m not a prisoner of my own body anymore!”

Jamie’s Advice for Others

“If you’ve been considering functional medicine, trust me, you should do it! You are worth it.”

Jamie’s belief in WIFM’s life-changing services has led to many happy referrals. “I’ve now referred eight different people to WIFM, including my partner and my daughter, and everyone is seeing results,” Jamie said. “All their lives have improved. This has inspired me to get my nurse practitioner license and do for others what Dr. Page has done for me.”

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