Helping Stephanie to Resolve Hormone-Related Symptoms

"I can’t express enough how grateful I am for WIFM. I am so happy and confident! Thank you!"

Stephanie’s Results

  • 46-pound weight loss
  • Improved sleep
  • Better handle on stress
  • Hormones balanced
  • Little to no period symptoms

Before coming to the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine, Stephanie was experiencing multiple troubling symptoms: She had gained weight and was having trouble sleeping, and her period brought mood-related symptoms that exacerbated her stress.

“I was feeling depressed and overwhelmed even with the idea of where to start improving my health,” she said.

“I had tried to lose weight repeatedly and always gained back anything lost over time,” Stephanie said. “At my first appointment with WIFM, I was interested in help with weight loss, improving sleep and reducing stress.”

Stephanie’s Journey

Stephanie’s blood work showed that she was pre-diabetic. Dr. Tracy Page discussed options with Stephanie, who agreed to a medication that both helped resolve this condition and had the beneficial side effect of helping with weight loss.

“We also added supplements for Vitamin D and iron, and we balanced my hormones with testosterone and progesterone,” Stephanie said. “WIFM was a godsend at that point in my life, and I haven’t looked back once! I feel amazing and motivated to continue this journey of improved health.”

Stephanie’s Advice for Others

“Just do it! Make that first appointment!” Stephanie said. “The team at WIFM will guide you through every step of the process. Dr. Page is absolutely phenomenal. She is a wealth of knowledge, stays on top of evolving literature and genuinely cares about her patients.”

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