Helping Deanna be Successful With Losing Weight and Building Strength

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Deanna’s Results

  • 80-pound weight loss overall
  • Improved muscle mass
  • Hormones balanced
  • Better mood
  • Reduction of acne

Prior to coming to the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine, Deanna was feeling defeated about her eating habits and difficulty in keeping weight off. “I felt shame and frustration over my inability to lose weight,” she said. “If I heard one more person tell me to ‘eat less and move more,’ I think I would have screamed!”

After quickly regaining a 30-pound weight loss, she decided it was time to get some help. “What the heck was going on? I was stumped,” she said. “My biggest challenge was getting over the embarrassment of needing help. I felt like I should have been smart enough to figure this out on my own.”

After a consultation with Dr. Page, Deanna learned that each person’s situation is unique and that nutrition and exercise were not the sole factors contributing to her overall health.

“I felt less guilty knowing that there were other factors at play than just what I was putting into my mouth,” she said. “And relief at knowing that there was a solution.”

Deanna’s Journey

At WIFM, Dr. Page ordered blood work for Deanna to help discover what was happening within her body.

“From my labs, it was determined that I was estrogen-dominant and insufficient in progesterone,” Deanna said. Adding these hormones helped stabilize her mood and reduce her acne, which also had been troubling her. Deanna’s labs also showed high levels of insulin and insulin resistance, so she started a medication that helped regulate this imbalance and kicked her weight loss into high gear.

“As you lose weight, your challenges change,” she said. “For several months, I was losing weight with moderate exercise. Now I am at the point where I want to have a nice, toned look, so I have started lifting heavier weights.”

While the weight training slows the weight loss, InBody scans have shown Deanna’s body is gaining muscle while losing fat. With 80 pounds lost already, she has just a few more pounds to go before reaching her healthy goal weight.

“I realize now that every individual’s situation is unique and it takes a combination of running blood work, trying and then tweaking medication, and really taking time to evaluate how you are truly feeling,” Deanna said. “It takes time. Show yourself some grace and allow for trial and error.”

Deanna’s Advice for Others

“Get real with yourself on how you are truly feeling and discuss with your doctor,” Deanna said. “Little to no change on the scale does not mean you are failing. Dr. Tracy Page really takes her time to understand your situation. I feel very comfortable talking to Dr. Page, and I find comfort in knowing that she truly does care about getting you the results you want. Thank you for digging deeper and finding the root cause!”

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