Healing Crystal’s IBS & Guiding Her Health Journey

"The providers at WIFM truly listen and treat you as a person rather than a problem."

Crystal’s Results

  • No longer on medication for IBS
  • Lost 20 pounds
  • Improved sleep
  • Increased energy

For Crystal, dealing with chronic irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) as a busy wife and mom to two sons while juggling the demands of a full-time job was extremely invasive.

“We travel on a regular basis for work and hockey,” Crystal shared. “Being constipated for up to 10 days at a time wasn’t conducive to my lifestyle or my well-being.”

Now age 40, Crystal recalled how the “extremely aggressive” laxatives prescribed by her primary doctor required her to always be by a bathroom—but if she didn’t take the meds, she didn’t go to the bathroom. Her search for a solution led her to see a physical therapist for visceral manipulation therapy, a form of manual therapy that focuses on the manipulation and mobilization of the internal organs, connective tissues and related structures within the body.

“I was seeing some results with the therapy but couldn’t receive treatment one week out of every month because my periods were getting so bad,” Crystal said.

A partial hysterectomy and birth control were recommended to treat her period pain and menstrual migraines. She opted for the surgery, which provided some relief, but she was still retaining water and had IBS.
“I wanted someone to explain to me what was happening in my body,” she said. “But no one could.”

That’s when Crystal decided to try a functional medicine approach. In 2020, she made her first appointment to see Dr. Page.

Crystal’s Journey

Dr. Page of Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine (WIFM) did a full panel of Crystal’s labs and allergies to begin the search for a solution. Crystal got off her meds and went on a clean diet for three months where she was only allowed to eat certain foods. Slowly, she began to introduce foods back into her diet to see what would trigger her IBS.

“It took us about six months to a year to get all of my gastrointestinal issues under control,” Crystal said. “In the past, I had done a lot of quick fixes. But what’s the true cost of a quick fix? My journey with WIFM has been well worth everything I’ve invested.”

Once Crystal began to have regular daily bowel movements, Dr. Page turned her focus to optimizing Crystal’s other health issues through supplements to improve her sleep and balance her hormones. Crystal utilized natural supplements to help with elevated cortisol, sleep and low energy. Additionally, her progesterone and testosterone hormones were optimized to improve her overall health. The option to see Dr. Page remotely via Telehealth was ideal for Crystal’s busy lifestyle.

“This journey has been continuous because I’m always seeing benefits,” Crystal said. “It has been very intentional. These days, I’m concentrating on weight loss by utilizing peptides, improving my strength training and implementing healthier habits.”

Since losing 20 pounds, the next phase will be to incorporate even more weight training into her schedule, which will help her maintain her weight loss for life.

“I’m really happy with where I’m at in my body,” Crystal said. “I’ll continue to invest in my health and do what’s right for me.”

Crystal’s Advice for Others

“Be open and honest about all your health details. Speak up for how you’re feeling. The providers at WIFM truly listen and treat you as a person rather than a problem. They look at everything holistically, including your lifestyle and your mental health. It’s a journey. You have to be willing to work on yourself and focus on yourself. WIFM will guide you in getting where you want to be.”

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