Easing Pam’s Inflammation & Repairing Her Health

"If you don’t have your health, what do you have?"

Pam’s Results

  • Lost 17 pounds
  • Lowered cholesterol without meds
  • No longer pre-diabetic
  • Reduced inflammation

Ever since quitting sports when she was 16 years old, Pam, now 58, struggled to maintain a healthy weight. Any weight she lost inevitably came back. In 2008, she was diagnosed with a thyroid disease that caused her to retain a lot of fluid. In an attempt to resolve this symptom, she cut almost all salt out of her diet.

Then came menopause. Pam was unable to lose weight at all despite her efforts and was craving more sugar.

“I had a hard time making a decision when I was hungry,” Pam recalled.

In October 2019, Pam’s knees became so swollen and inflamed it was difficult to exercise. She tried to reduce her body’s inflammation through her diet alone but was frustrated that salads seemed to be the only food that didn’t inflame her joints.

For the next three years, Pam suffered. Then, the owner of a quilting retreat Pam attended shared her success story about finding a new doctor—Dr. Page at Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine (WIFM).

“The retreat owner encouraged me to prioritize my health and call WIFM,” Pam said.

In October 2022, Pam did just that.

Pam’s Journey

Pam remembers her first appointment with Lyndsay Hayes, Advanced Practice Nurse Practitioner at WIFM, as the best hour she had ever spent with a medical provider.

“Lyndsay really listened to me,” Pam said. “She was so attentive.”

After reviewing her bloodwork, Lyndsay diagnosed Pam with Hashimoto’s disease, an autoimmune disorder affecting the thyroid gland. She told Pam the medication she’d been on wasn’t right for treating her thyroid imbalance and switched her meds.

“Within two days of taking the new medication, my water retention disappeared,” Pam shared. “I could eat salty things again without feeling bloated.”

Nutritionally, Pam was vitamin D and E deficient, and her iron was too high. Her estrogen and progesterone imbalances were affecting her sleep. And perhaps most concerning, her cholesterol and inflammation were at a level that she was at risk of a cardiovascular event if not lowered.

Lyndsay recommended Pam go gluten-free and begin intermittent fasting to help address these issues. She was advised to eat her last meal by 6:30 P.M. each day and eat three small meals within an 8-hour window daily.

“The first couple of days of fasting were hard,” Pam shared. “My body was used to processing food every couple of hours. But within a short time, my body adjusted to the change.”

In addition to fasting, Lyndsay prescribed Metformin to balance Pam’s blood sugar and stop her sugar cravings. Pam began taking hormones to bring them into balance and was prescribed Naltrexone for inflammation. Lyndsay showed her how to eat so she could lower her cholesterol without medication.

Combined, these changes helped Pam’s metabolism. She lost about 17 pounds in six months, which was exciting and inspired her to keep going.

Today, Pam is hopeful. “I feel incredible. I’m no longer pre-diabetic. My cholesterol improved. I can sleep at night. The inflammation in my knees has gone down and I’m no longer at risk for a cardiovascular event. Finally, I have my health.

Pam’s Advice for Others

“I lost my mom when she was only 63 years old. She always said, ‘If you don’t have your health, what do you have?’ I’ve taken this to heart and made my health a priority. I thought my problems were due to being old, but now I know the cause of my symptoms was much more complicated and much more treatable! If you’re not feeling well, get a second opinion. Your health is worth it.

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