“I feel incredible—better than I did probably 20 years ago. My experience with WIFM has given me hope and a new lease on life.”

Jenn’s Results

  • Lost 40 pounds
  • Treated insulin resistance
  • Rebalanced hormone levels
  • Increased energy & well-being
  • Got off blood pressure medication

Jenn reached out to Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine after hitting a plateau on her health journey. After losing 30 pounds by cutting out processed foods from her diet and making other lifestyle changes, Jenn hit a wall. Despite her best efforts, she couldn’t lose any more weight, and she was feeling worse and worse.

“I originally started coming to WIFM because I felt like garbage and was so exhausted every day,” Jenn said. She knew she had an underlying condition that wasn’t being addressed, and searched for a functional physician in the area who could help.

Jenn’s Journey

When Jenn began working with Dr. Page, she discovered there were many reasons she hadn’t felt her best for years. Not only did she have issues with her thyroid, but her hormones were also out-of-balance, along with her vitamin D and iron, which were both very low.

“Dr. Page also found that I had insulin resistance,” Jenn explained. This meant her blood sugar levels were high and led to additional issues that made it very difficult for Jenn to continue losing weight.

With this information, Dr. Page developed Jenn’s treatment plan that included thyroid medication, hormone replacement therapy and vitamin and mineral supplements. Within just a few months, Jenn was already feeling a positive difference in her health and well-being.

Now, one year after starting her journey with WIFM, Jenn’s health and quality of life has completely transformed. “I feel incredible,” Jenn stated. “I’m sleeping better, my energy has improved and even my cycles are less severe and more manageable.”

In addition to “getting a new lease on life,” in Jenn’s own words, she has also lost 30 more pounds since coming to WIFM and has lowered her future risk of disease.

“Heart disease runs in my family, and I’m at a high risk for issues,” Jenn explained, “but I have successfully gotten off my blood pressure medication thanks to my additional weight loss and overall improvement in health.”

Now that Jenn is feeling her best, she continues to work with Dr. Page on maintaining her results and building her muscle strength on her ongoing journey with WIFM.

Jenn’s Advice for Others

“If you’re dealing with pain, fatigue and other health issues you can’t get answers or treatment for, give functional medicine a shot. It’s a little work, but it’s so worth it in the end.”

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