“Getting to Dr. Page has been life-changing. I feel so much better, and I’m finally seeing results after years of searching for solutions.”

Jen’s Results

  • Lost 35 pounds
  • Rebalanced hormone levels
  • Improved overall wellbeing

Though Jen began working with Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine less than a year ago, she had already been on a four-year-long journey to get her health back under control, to no avail.

Jen’s initial symptoms included hair loss, fatigue, irritability and other ongoing issues that she tried to seek relief from. She saw multiple wellness doctors hoping they could provide her answers and relief, but, as Jen explains, this only sent her health into further decline.

“The first doctor I saw was able to diagnose me with a thyroid and hormone imbalance,” Jen said, “but they only tested me once a year, and the medications I was prescribed made me feel shaky and worse than I had before.”

In search of better results, Jen sought help from another doctor, working with them for multiple years as she tried to pinpoint the root cause of her issues. This also failed to provide the results she was searching for, leaving Jen feeling unheard and pushed aside.

“My second doctor never spent more than five to six minutes with me in each of our appointments,” Jen explained. “Instead of listening,” she added, “they just kept upping the dosages of my medications, which made me feel worse than I had before.”

In fact, the number and dosages of medications she was on also caused Jen to gain 35 pounds of excess weight that became impossible to lose. Her energy hadn’t improved, she was constantly irritable and she knew there had to be more going on that wasn’t being treated.

That’s when she turned to WIFM to see if Dr. Page’s functional approach to care could help her regain control of her health and wellness.

Jen’s Journey

Within her first appointment with Dr. Page, Jen finally had hope that WIFM would be the health and wellness solution she had been searching for.

“Dr. Page spent over an hour with me during my first appointment,” Jen said. “She took the time to dig in and learn everything she could to diagnose the actual root cause of my problems, and I finally felt like I was heading in the right direction.”

With thorough lab testing, Dr. Page identified that Jen not only had high cortisol levels and hormone imbalances but was also severely overmedicated. Her testosterone, progesterone and estrogen levels were extremely high, and her body was in turmoil.

“Because I was so overmedicated,” Jen noted, “Dr. Page explained it likely would have been impossible for me to have lost any weight before rebalancing my hormone levels.”

The first and most essential step in Dr. Page’s treatment plan for Jen was rebalancing her hormones and restoring her levels to the normal range. Less than a few months after being taken off her hormone medications, Jen was already starting to see and feel a positive difference.

“In the three months I had to be off my hormone medications, I finally started to lose the excess weight I had gained,” Jen said.

Now, nearly a year into her journey with WIFM, Jen’s health has taken a complete 180 in the right direction. So far, Jen has lost 35 pounds that she’s been able to keep off for the past nine months. She’s also been able to reduce her blood pressure medication.

Most importantly, though, Jen finally feels like her overall wellness has been restored. “I feel 100% better than I did before working with Dr. Page,” she explained.

Together with Dr. Page, Jen continues to work on getting her cortisol levels under control to improve her energy and feel even better than she does now. We can’t wait to see the other accomplishments Jen is able to achieve with the help of WIFM’s functional medicine services!

Jen’s Advice for Others

“I don’t believe in trusting the process blindly when it comes to working with any healthcare provider. If you know something isn’t right and you aren’t getting the answers you need, educate yourself and keep looking for a physician like Dr. Page who will work with you to solve your issues. Chronic issues can’t be solved in a five-minute appointment, and you deserve a doctor who will give you the time and care you need to restore your health.”

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