Ready to Lose Weight and Feel Great!

July 18, 2022

Are you ready to start your weight loss journey, but you’re not quite sure how to go about it? What if you had someone live and local in the functional medicine field to help you in that journey? Losing weight is hard enough, but having professional support and guidance every step of the way can definitely ease the pain. Our Road Map to Weight Loss is a 12-Week Program

Here are the 5 Phases of the Weight Loss Roadmap:

Phase 1-Clean out and Get Ready for Success (Week 1)

This week will be spent learning how the plan works, getting you educated, and getting rid of all this “not so great” food items in the kitchen.

Phase 2-Eliminate (Weeks 2-5)

This phase is all about eliminating foods that cause inflammation.  Get ready for your weight loss coach to give you some healthy yet delicious recipes and food tips to help heal your body.

Phase 3-Reintroduce (Week 6)

Once we’ve rid your body of the inflammatory foods, we’ll start reintroducing some healthy foods that may have been eliminated earlier.

Phase 4-Transition and Exercise (Weeks 7-10)

This is the first time we’ll be adding in physical activity to the lifestyle change you are under!  You’ll learn about exercise, weight training, and more!

Phase 5- Healthy Lifestyle for Life (Weeks 11-12, and Beyond)

By Phase 5, your coach will start to become less of a lifeline, as you’ll have learned the tools necessary to make decisions on your own, choices about food and exercise that help you not just stay healthy for now, but healthy for life!


Here are some quick highlights of what you can do with your Weight Loss Road Map portal and app:

  • Access Your Program, including materials, recipes, exercises, tips, etc.
  • Track Your Food
  • Keep A Journal
  • Track Your Progress, from weight to activities, sleep, water, and more
  • Message Your Weight Loss Support Team

Still on the fence? Read more here: Ten Evidence-Based Features of the Weight Loss Roadmap

Or, give us a call to schedule a free consult and find out how the Weight Loss Roadmap could work best for you.  Dr. Tracy Page at the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine can be reached at the following: Office Phone: (920) 968-9311 or find Dr. Page at