Episode 4

Are Your Hormones Balanced? Find Out Now

Estrogen dominance is a wide-spread problem for women, and it can cause all kinds of symptoms. Tune in to find out what those symptoms are, what labs you should have checked and the dietary and lifestyle changes you can implement to reverse those symptoms.

  • The two reasons women experience estrogen dominance.
  • The signs/symptoms that you may have estrogen dominance.
  • Two different types of estrogen.
  • How to calculate your estrogen to progesterone ratio.
  • Reasons for low progesterone.
  • Reasons for excess estrogen.
  • What xenoestrogens are.
  • Methylation and how it relates to estrogen dominance.
  • Info about DIM – diindolylmethane
  • The concept of epigenetics.

What You Will Learn