Episode 13

Gluten – Is It a Nutritional No-No?

Gluten-free is a big fad right now. But is gluten a problem for you? I’m going to tell you all about gluten – what it is, sensitivities related to it, symptoms of those sensitivities and what it all might mean for you, personally.

What You Will Learn

  • What gluten is.
  • The difference between celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.
  • How to test for celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.
  • Why people who are sensitive to gluten don’t often experience issues when traveling in Europe.
  • Leaky guts – what are they?
  • What FODMAP is.
  • How to determine if you should go gluten free.
  • “Food is medicine. So, what you do and what you eat every day can change the way that you age.”

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