Longevity Wellness Membership


(If you renew for a 2nd year, we will apply the $350 enrollment fee toward your 1st months membership dues.)

LONGEVITY membership forms the foundation of your wellness journey—optimizing your “best self” from the INSIDE, OUT.


Choice of (1) IV therapy (The Executive or Rise & Shine)
(1) Ultimate Glow facial
(1) Starwalker laser 30-minute age spot remover
Membership welcome gift


(4) annual, 30-minute clinic visits with one of our expert providers
(4) InBody scans (one at each quarterly visit)
(4) sets of labs (one at each quarterly visit)
(2) functional lab tests
(Choose two from one category: Genova Food Sensitivity Panel, Hormone ZRT, Profile III, OR (1) specialty test, which is the equivalent to the other two. (Ex: DUTCH, Gut Zoomer, etc.)
Access to online wellness program(s)
(I.E.: 21 Days of Mindfulness, 12 Days of Stretching, 30 Days of Sleep Hygiene, Pillars of Health Program, Leaky Gut Protocol, etc.)
15% off all IV therapy treatments
10% off all other treatments, services, supplements & products at WIFM
(Not applicable to consultation fees, already-discounted promotions, package offers, or other monthly LIVE YOUNGER membership fees. Members will always receive the most advantageous savings at WIFM.)

*If a full-year membership is not completed, all free services will be charged at full price.

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When you renew any Live Younger Membership for a second year, we will apply your initial enrollment fee toward your first-month membership dues.
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