I’m Losing Weight, But What Do I Do With This Sagging Skin?

April 21, 2022

lose the excess weight

You’ve made the decision to put your health first and lose the excess weight you’ve been carrying around for years.  Great job!  You’re on your way to a healthier you! You’re dedicated, motivated, excited even, and you enjoy the quick results you are seeing.  You see that your pants fit better than last week, you are continuing to watch the number drop on your scale, and really, there’s only one thing left that’s really bothering you during your weight-loss journey. The pounds are coming off fast, but that nice little fat layer you had keeping your skin PLUMP and SUPPLE is gone, and the SKIN is now looking SAD and SAGGY.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that you should lose the weight and then work on the sagging skin.  In fact, it’s best to seek treatment while you’re losing the weight for best results!

So, what can you do at home to help tighten that skin back up during and after you lose the weight???

resistance training

One thing we always ask our patients to do is resistance training.  If you have muscle underneath the skin, resistance training can help it become more taut, and therefore, it’s going to look smoother, and you’re going to have a better overall appearance. Now, there are instances in which a person can’t do resistance training or maybe you are doing it, and it’s just not helping.  That’s where we step it up a notch with laser skin tightening.

laser skin tightening

This is a very simple procedure performed right in our office in the Fox Valley.  There is no downtime or recovery.  You start with a consultation with Dr. Tracy Page, you’ll discuss what areas of the body you want to work on, and Dr. Page will set you up with a series of treatments customized to your needs.

The problem areas we see most often needing the laser treatment are underneath the arms for women, the flanks or lower sides of your back for both men and women, of course the abdomen is a big point of contention for people, and then the thighs.

The first step to laser treatment is tightening up the skin in your problem areas

At the same time, it’s going to also do something called lipolysis, which helps burn some fat.  This should not be considered a weight-loss treatment, but an added bonus to getting the skin tightening laser treatment.

If you need help with weight loss, are considering your weight-loss options, or have already started your weight loss journey and are experiencing the sagging skin dilemma, give us a call to find out how our skin-tightening laser treatment could work best for you.