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Charting the Path to Recovery

The COVID-19 pandemic has ravaged the health and financial security of so many Americans, and the uncertainty it has caused about the future has been overwhelming. Indeed, while the virus affects each person, it sickens in a different way; there has emerged an ever-growing group of “long haulers” who continue to suffer from fatigue in an extended capacity after they get over their initial bout with the coronavirus.

At the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine in Appleton, Wisconsin, we have started meeting with sufferers of post-COVID fatigue—those individuals who present with persistent fatigue in the long weeks and months after the onset of the illness.

What is Post-Viral Fatigue?

Related to COVID-19, post-viral fatigue has been characterized by general feelings of malaise, including extreme tiredness, muscle pain, a persistent cough, and breathlessness. Additional symptoms might include joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, and a sore throat. A sufferer’s sleep pattern might be impacted as well, and while a person may be fatigued and desirous of sleep, they may be unable to achieve a restorative sleep cycle.

Pursuing Treatment at the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Health

At our practice, we have met and consulted with many post-COVID fatigue sufferers and have begun to develop a treatment protocol for helping to ease some of their symptoms. While we are still learning much about COVID-19, its short and long-term effects, and how recovery from post-viral fatigue can vary from one person to the next, we are pleased to report that we have achieved some very positive results.