Post-COVID Fatigue

Post-COVID fatigue, also known as long COVID, is a persistent condition stemming from the global COVID-19 pandemic. Affecting a growing group of individuals, often referred to as "long haulers," this syndrome is characterized by a range of prolonged symptoms, including extreme tiredness, muscle pain, persistent cough, and breathlessness. Additional symptoms may include joint pain, swollen lymph nodes, sore throat, and disruptions in sleep patterns. At the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine, we understand the complex nature of this condition and are developing a treatment protocol to help our patients find relief and regain their vitality.

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Post-COVID Fatigue Management

Our practice has engaged with numerous post-COVID fatigue sufferers and is currently developing a treatment protocol aimed at alleviating symptoms associated with this condition. As we navigate the complexities of COVID-19 and its varying effects, our goal is to tailor our emerging strategies to each patient's unique situation. Despite the ongoing development of our approach, we're encouraged by the positive outcomes we've observed so far, which motivate our continued research and adaptation of treatments.

Benefits of Post-COVID Fatigue Management

Our post-COVID fatigue management strategy offers a range of potential benefits for individuals dealing with lingering symptoms. Crafted with your health and recovery in mind, our treatment protocol aims to restore your energy levels and overall well-being, providing a pathway back to your pre-COVID self. You’ll benefit from:

  • Energy Restoration: Increase your energy levels, enabling you to engage more fully in daily activities and enjoy a more active lifestyle.
  • Symptom Reduction: Reduce your physical symptoms, such as muscle pain and breathlessness, improving your comfort and quality of life.
  • Sleep Improvement: Improve your sleep patterns, leading to more restful nights, better health, and faster recovery.
  • Immune Enhancement: Strengthen your immune function, equipping your body to fight off infections more effectively.

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