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Episode 9

Help Doc, I’m Losing My Hair!

Hair is a big feature in our lives, and it affects all of us. What causes hair loss? Why do we have it and what can we do about it? It’s a HUGE concern. Just know, that with some changes in hormones and supplements, you can most likely be back to “normal” soon. Listen in and find out how!

What You Will Learn

  • Facts about our hair.
  • The three phases of hair growth.
  • Things that affect hair growth.
  • The three most common types of hair loss.
  • When is it still possible to reverse hair loss?
  • When is it still possible to reverse hair loss?
  • The reason it’s so important to focus on the “why” when people are losing their hair.
  • What is the D.U.T.C.H. test?
  • What are the common treatments for hair loss?
  • Key – always address the root cause of the hair loss.
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