8 Ways to Boost Your Sex Drive Using Functional Medicine & BHRT

September 24, 2021

Physical intimacy is a natural part of life, but you may be embarrassed to talk about intimacy when things are not going right. A reduced sex drive can decrease your quality of life and put a strain on your relationship. Low libido is a common problem, but you can address it through functional medicine, including bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT).

Functional medicine evaluates your health and well-being as a whole, aiming to treat not just symptoms but the underlying dysfunctions. There can be numerous causes of low sex drive, and many different strategies for treating it based on your individual situation. Here are eight ways you can naturally enhance your libido and enjoy intimate moments with your partner.

1. Pay attention to your mental health.

Stress, anxiety, and depression can all take a toll on your sex drive. When your mind worries about everything around you, it can be hard to disconnect and get in the mood for physical pleasure. Focus on ways to alleviate stress or anxiety through meditation, mindfulness, deep breathing, or yoga. Reprioritize your commitments to reduce burnout and allow yourself to relax.

Changes in hormone levels can also affect depression and anxiety. BHRT can bring your hormones back into balance and create a noticeable improvement in your mood and mental health.

2. Address hormone imbalances.

As you age, estrogen and testosterone production can decrease or become unbalanced. This imbalance is common during menopause and andropause. Men and women alike may experience low libido or changes in sexual desire. BHRT uses 100% identical hormones for hormone replacement therapy tailored to your exact needs. As your body achieves optimal hormone levels, it can alleviate problems with:

  • Sex drive
  • Vaginal dryness
  • Mood swings
  • Fatigue
  • Hot flashes and night sweats
  • Brain fog

Bringing these issues under control can make you feel more invigorated, energized, and ready to embrace intimate moments once more.

3. Reduce adrenal fatigue.

When your adrenal glands are not functioning correctly and produce too many stress hormones, it can leave you feeling stressed out, tired, and irritable. It can impact your diet and gut health leading to fluctuations in weight and blood sugar levels. BHRT can help treat adrenal problems and hormonal imbalances.


4. Manage chronic health conditions.

Conditions such as high blood pressure, obesity, heart disease, diabetes, and hypothyroidism can decrease your interest and enjoyment in sex. These conditions can affect how your overall body functions and how you feel. You can create meaningful changes to your diet, nutrition, exercise, lifestyle, sleep, and medications to get these diseases under control through functional medicine. As a result, you may notice that you have more energy, increased sex drive, and improved mood; empowering you to make the most of every day and live a healthier life.

5. Minimize alcohol consumption.

A little bit of alcohol can reduce your inhibitions, but too much can lower your libido. Women may experience issues with vaginal dryness, while men may have trouble getting or maintaining an erection. These side effects can inhibit feelings of intimacy and interfere with the enjoyment of intercourse. By reducing alcohol consumption, you can reverse some of these effects and find that your sex drive increases.

6. Improve your diet.

What you eat can affect your mood, blood sugar levels, and gut health. Food intolerances can increase inflammation in your body and diminish your interest in sex, and nutritional deficiencies can also lower your libido. It is essential to eat a healthy, well-balanced diet that includes fresh, whole foods and fewer processed products.

A functional medicine doctor can help you create a nutritional plan to get the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients you need while minimizing inflammation in your body and balancing blood sugar levels. Various foods may also help to naturally stimulate libidos, such as avocados, bananas, and dark chocolate.

7. Engage in regular exercise.

Exercise reduces stress and releases endorphins to boost your mood, which can also improve your sex drive. Create an exercise plan that keeps you interested and engaged so that you get your recommended 150 minutes of moderate activity a week. Incorporate cardio, aerobic, and strength-training exercises to work various muscles and help manage your weight. Obesity can be a factor in low libido, causing you to convert your testosterone to estrogen, your functional medicine doctor can work with you to achieve a healthier weight.

8. Create a healthy sleep routine.

When you are exhausted, it can affect all aspects of your life. It can impact your attitude, mood, and energy which can take a toll on your sex drive—setting a consistent routine that enables you to get an adequate amount of sleep each night can do wonders for how you feel. Balancing your hormones through BHRT can allow you to fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer, in turn reducing feelings of fatigue and improving libido. BHRT for women can also help manage hot flashes and night sweats that keep you from sleeping comfortably.

Find Out How Functional Medicine and BHRT Can Improve Your Sex Drive

Low sex drive is not a condition you have to settle with as a normal part of life. Schedule a consultation at the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine to learn more about how functional medicine, including bioidentical hormone replacement and lifestyle changes, can boost your libido and make intimate moments more desirable and enjoyable.