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5 phases of the weight loss Roadmap

Phase 1 – Clean Out and Get Ready for Success (Week 1)

Phase 2 – Eliminate (Weeks 2-5)

Phase 3 – Reintroduce (Week 6)

Phase 4 – Transition and Exercise (Weeks 7-10)

Phase 5 – Healthy Lifestyle for Life (Weeks 11, 12, and beyond)


Healthy for LIFE

We will teach you how to MAINTAIN your WEIGHT LOSS! 

TOOLS: Your weight Loss Roadmap Portal and APP

 Here are some quick highlights of what you can do with our portal and app:

Access Your Program: Access all your program materials, recipes, exercises, tips, documents, and more along with a summary of your overall progress, any time you like.

Track Your Food:  Forget about other apps. We have you covered with the best food tracker out there. Search 800,000 foods, scan a bar code, or even just snap a picture of what you ate.  It’s easy and fun to journal your food and we’ll follow along.

Keep a Journal: Record your thoughts as often as you like. Keep them private or share them with us. It’s up to you!

Track Your Progress: From weight to activities, sleep, water, and more, you can keep track of it all in the app and keep us in the loop about your progress automatically.

Message us! You can send private messages to anyone on our team from right inside your app or the web portal.

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