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Health Coaching

Health and Wellness Coach, Laura, lets you know what to expect when you team up with Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine on your wellness journey. You do not need to go on this path alone, get a caring and expertly trained coach on your side!

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IV Therapy

If you have ever wondered about what IV Therapy is and the potential benefits, this video is for you. Dr. Page provides insight about what IV Therapy is, the contents of the IV bag, and the benefits that come with IV therapy on the latest 2 Your Health Segment.

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Medical Weight Loss

When diet and exercise aren’t working and the weight just won’t come off, don’t give up! Medical weight loss expert, Dr. Tracy Page, will get to the bottom of it and coach you through your weight loss journey. Here about the process first hand from Reba, who found success with Dr. Page’s program.

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Perimenopause Explained

When do women experience perimenopause symptoms? What are perimenopause symptoms? What can you do? Dr. Tracy Page of the Wisconsin Institute is here to guide you!

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What is Functional Medicine?

Dr. Tracy Page breaks down what functional medicine is, the benefits, and what you can expect when you visit the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine Medicine.

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Do You Still Have Questions?

Patient education is one of WIFM’s core values and we want to make sure all questions and concerns are addressed.  The best way to get answers for your individual needs is to schedule a consultation. Call us today at  (920) 968-9311 to get started!