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The team at the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine in Appleton, Wisconsin, regularly meets with women whose chief complaint is that they no longer feel like themselves—and they desperately want to again. Oftentimes this is due to the effects of hormone imbalance as women approach or are in menopause. As such, these individuals are dealing with hot flashes, weight gain, insomnia, changes in mood, menstrual irregularities, brain fog and loss of memory, vaginal dryness, changes in libido or sexual desire, as well as other challenges.

However, while these symptoms can be frustrating, and you may feel as if your current situation appears hopeless, there is a solution. The Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine is excited to offer hormone replacement therapy for women in Appleton, Wisconsin and the surrounding area.

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Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women (HRT) Explained

Experiencing a drop in hormones is one of the negative effects of aging—and it is a very common occurrence in perimenopausal and menopausal women. Ultimately, hormones are in charge of many of our bodies’ systems and manage our digestion, appetite, mood, libido, immunity, and so much more.

This is where hormone replacement therapy for women comes into play. Through the delivery of bioidentical hormones to your body via creams or pellets, estrogen that your body stops making during menopause can be replenished. In turn, your body’s systems can regain harmony and balance, and symptoms associated with hormone decline can be addressed.

Meet Women’s HRT Doctor, Dr. Page

As the founder of the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine, Dr. Tracy Page is dedicated to being an expert in women’s hormone replacement therapy. With a triple board certification and multiple advanced degrees and certifications in anti-aging, cell and molecular biology, and metabolic and functional medicine practices, she is the only woman physician in the Wisconsin area that holds these impressive designations.

Dr. Page is committed to helping women feel and look their best and is passionate about not only examining a symptom, but places extra emphasis on getting to the root cause of why a person may be feeling poorly. She takes a “whole person” approach by examining diet, lifestyle, nutrition, as well as a host of other factors that could be leading to feelings of malaise. Dr. Page is determined to develop a comprehensive solution for all of her patients that are unique to their individual health and wellness needs and objectives.

Who is a Candidate for HRT and What Are the Benefits?

If you are wondering if you could be a candidate for hormone replacement therapy, consider the following factors that most HRT patients face and then contact the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine and set up a consultation to learn more about if this therapy could be right for you.

Am I a Candidate?

  • Your menopausal symptoms are severe and impacting the quality of your life
  • You are experiencing headaches, sleep problems, painful sexual intercourse, hot flashes, and night sweats
  • Your family has a history of osteoporosis
  • Menopause began for you before the age of 40
  • You have undergone a hysterectomy or oophorectomy
  • You are in menopause because of chemotherapy or radiation treatment at a young age

What is more is that the benefits of hormone replacement therapy for women who are good candidates are extensive.

Some of the benefits of HRT for women include:

  • Relief from night sweats, hot flashes, and sleeplessness
  • Improved vaginal health, including easing of vaginal dryness and associated itching
  • Realizing a better sex life through an enhanced libido and less pain
  • An increase in bone health and potential prevention from fractures caused by osteoporosis
  • Lowered chances of dementia and heart disease
  • Improved memory and concentration

Ultimately, there are many benefits to HRT therapy for women—however, it is also important to evaluate and understand the risks. Set up a consultation at the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine with Dr. Page and learn more.

Real Patient Reviews

“Dr. Page took time to talk to me and was well informed of my symptoms. She was very thorough and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone!! Can’t wait to talk to her again.”

What Should I Expect from My Hormone Replacement Therapy Treatment?

Once you begin hormone replacement therapy treatment for women at the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine, it is likely that you will see your symptoms diminish and experience an improvement in your overall health and wellbeing within a few weeks. Our general rule of thumb is that you can likely expect to realize the full effect of your HRT for women treatment within three months.
At the same time, our team believes in “testing not guessing” so we will conduct lab work around three months after your initial treatment to check in on your hormone levels in order to know what is working and what might need adjustment.

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Other Things to Consider Before Getting Hormone Replacement Therapy

It is very important to be fully informed and educated about the benefits, risks, and other key factors associated with HRT for women prior to undergoing treatment. Therefore, consider the following information.

  • Are There Any Side Effects to HRT? Is It Safe?

    HRT for women is safe and does effectively treat menopausal symptoms and issues that are associated with low estrogen, progesterone, and testosterone levels. However, there are some possible side effects that you could face, including the potential for bloating, breast swelling, and/or tenderness, headaches, changes in mood, nausea, and vaginal bleeding. Additionally, patients who undergo HRT could be more prone to blood clots, heart attack, stroke, as well as breast cancer. In order to avoid adverse complications, it is recommended that you maintain a healthy weight, exercise regularly and do not smoke cigarettes. Also, to prevent these risks we keep a close eye on how your body detoxifies hormones by utilizing DUTCH testing.

  • Age

    An ideal age for pursuing HRT for women is prior to 60 years of age or within 10 years of beginning menopause. A greater risk is posed if hormone therapy begins at age 60 or older if you have developed other age-related diseases.

  • Type of Hormone Therapy

    Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine offers two types of HRT for women; hormone replacement therapy through the utilization of topical solutions that are applied to the skin and hormone pellet therapy, which is delivered via a painless in-office procedure where a pellet is inserted under the skin.

  • Health History

    Personal medical history as well as family health history is assessed when considering HRT for women. It is necessary to examine the risk of cancer, stroke, blood clots, heart disease, liver disease, and osteoporosis when thinking about this treatment.

  • How Long Should I Use HRT?

    It usually takes a few weeks to begin feeling the effects of your hormone replacement therapy, and we recommend trying treatment for three months to determine if it is helping to alleviate your symptoms. The majority of women take hormone replacement therapy as needed to control symptoms at the most conservative dose.

  • How Long Until I See Results from HRT?

    Typically, we set the expectation that you will experience the full effects of your hormone replacement therapy within three months of first beginning treatment. At approximately three months, we will conduct lab tests to assess your levels, and from there, we will modify our treatment approach if necessary to account for needed adjustments.

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Are you ready to schedule your hormone replacement therapy? If you are a woman who is experiencing health and wellness challenges because of hormone fluctuations, now is a great time to take advantage of Dr. Page’s skill and book an appointment at the Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine. Begin living life with all of the vibrancy and energy you have been missing. Contact our Appleton, Wisconsin team right now.

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