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The Women’s Fund

The Women’s Fund for the Fox Valley Region promotes the advancement of women and girls in our community. They believe that in order to create a just and sustainable society, women and girls must have opportunities, unlimited by gender, to develop and use their individual talents, abilities, and skills, along with the freedom to make their own decisions, guided by their personal values and beliefs.

The Girls on the Run

The Girls on the Run, Camp GOTR program of Girls have Heart focuses on cultivating friendships, building connections, and understanding their emotions.  The social and emotional skills that girls learn throughout the week of Camp GOTR will impact them well beyond the summer.

These skills are crucial to their development and education and will empower them to use their voices, to talk about their emotions, be a leader, and so much more.  At Girls on the Run, they wholeheartedly believe that we are inspiring girls to be joyful, healthy, and confident when they participate in our programs.

girls RULE!

The Girls RULE! Program empowers girls to lead their lives with success. We focus on leadership, team-building, trust, and empowerment. Good communication
and interpersonal skills are critical to developing friendships, self-confidence, and a sense of self-worth. During Girls RULE! group sessions, we work on all these traits and
skills. Girls Rule! sessions are held once a week for four weeks in the summer and is open to girls grades 4th-6th and another session for girls grade 7th and up.

Children’s Cancer Family Foundation of Northeast Wisconsin, Appleton

Children’s Cancer Family Foundation’s (CCFF) mission is to empower families in Northeast Wisconsin confronted with a pediatric cancer diagnosis by
granting support, embracing families, and building connections. We provide financial and emotional support, and facilitate social opportunities to help families experience
a sense of normalcy in a difficult time and connect with others facing similar circumstances.

We also help families preserve their “normal” family life, when life as they know it has been turned upside down by providing activities with other families also engaged in
a pediatric cancer journey. Some parents lost their jobs, had their hours cut, or even quit so they didn’t bring the virus home to a sick child. Financial hardship also results
from medical costs not covered by insurance and/or the cost of driving to Milwaukee or elsewhere for specialized treatment. Supporting single moms of children with cancer.