April 26, 2021
Dr. Page is incredibly thorough and has gone above and beyond to help me achieve balanced hormones and healthy weight loss. By following her “continued” recommendations, I have lost 80 lbs in 15 months! My migraines and insomnia have improved exponentially and I feel great! Dr. Page is honest, an expert in her field, and truly cares about her patients.

– Reba P. from Facebook

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April 30, 2021
I have multiple health conditions when combined are quite challenging to manage. Having relocated from a large metro area to the smaller Fox Valley area, it has been difficult finding providers who a) even have heard of my conditions, b) willing to work with existing treatment plans, and c) Dr. Page completely understands the biochemistry aspect and has been able to provide alternative treatments when necessary. Dr. Page and staff are extremely responsive. Highly recommend.

– Annette B. from Google

April 28, 2021
Dr. Tracy Page has been so helpful and reassuring as I’ve started my journey to better health. For years I’ve struggled with health issues that have been ignored by other doctors who either didn’t believe me or thought the testing to determine what was wrong would be “chasing down a rabbit hole.” Dr. Tracy is a great listener and takes the time to explain what’s going on and what my options are. I am immensely grateful that she has taken my concerns seriously. She’s been able to discover the reasons why I’ve not been feeling well and together we’re working on a plan that will get me where I want to be. Her whole team is super friendly and helpful as well! I highly recommend Wisconsin Institute of Functional Medicine!

– Rebekah H. from Google

April 22, 2021
Dr. Page is incredible I had been suffering for almost 5 years, my complaints often fell on deaf ears or were simply dismissed. Dr. Page LISTENED to me for one hour ran the appropriate tests and in one visit I had SO many answers! She explained everything with compassion and together developed a plan to get things back on track. Within DAYS I was sleeping better and my pain significantly reduced! Thank you Dr.Page for helping me get my life back!

– Michelle P. from Google

April 20, 2021
OUTSTANDING KNOWLEDGE! Extremely easy to talk to and she truly strives for you to live your best life possible!

– Stacy C. from Google

April 19, 2021
Dr. Tracy Page has been a gift to me….she looks at the science and takes the time to consider everything – she truly is getting to know me as a person and not just by “an issue”! I am already feeling better less than 12 weeks later…and we’re not finished yet! She will continue adjusting things as necessary until we find the right combination! I’d highly recommend Dr. Page to anyone who “just doesn’t feel right” but has been told it’s just part of getting older! It’s not!!! Don’t settle for that answer – see Dr. Page and let her help you!

– Christa Z. from Google

Aug 28, 2020
Very easy to communicate with this provider. I feel confident that we can work as a team to keep me healthy.

Aug 27, 2020
Dr.Page and her nurses and the front desk staff were all amazing!!

Aug 26, 2020
She was great. On a first appointment it would be great to have more than a half hour to discuss health. Integrative medicine is so important to overall health. You need more of these Drs.

Aug 11, 2020
Dr Page is an excellent provider. I’m grateful to see her and have her managing my care.

Aug 7, 2020
Dr Page was very friendly and very professional. As my first visit they should have reviewed my health history.

Aug 6, 2020
Dr.Page makes you feel like you are someone takes time with you

Aug 3, 2020
She is amazing! She has helped me in weight loss and joint pain… all through hormone balance.

Jul 27, 2020
Professional and knowledgeable, which I appreciate. I wasn’t sure what to expect with the first visit, and Dr. Page answered my questions.

Jul 27, 2020
Dr. Page provided me with the best physical I have ever had about my body. Appointments with her then I’ve learned since menopause started.

Jul 13, 2020
Dr. Page is amazing!

Jul 9, 2020
Dr Page is wonderful and truly is concerned about how I feel and laid out a plan for my future to keep me feeling great.

Jul 1, 2020
Listened, ask clarifying questions, used common sense.

Jun 25, 2020
It was clear Dr. Page read through the paperwork I filled out in advance, which I found very respectful of my time and effort. She had a clear plan, and was also attentive to my feedback. She had a warm demeanor and an approach that was scientific and effective.

Jun 23, 2020
She was amazing. She actually found out what was been wrong with me for 30 years. Nobody else could do that and she found a natural solution which I’m very excited about.

Jun 22, 2020
Just really liked her “bed-side” manner, listened well, very kind and friendly

Jun 19, 2020
She is very thorough not only did she help me with my hormones. She was able to figure out what was wrong with my shoulder and gave me a shot in the shoulder which helped very well. So, thank you very much.

Jun 18, 2020
Dr Page is knowledgeable, insightful, and willing to consider all aspects of a patient’s medical history in her recommendations. She is a pleasure to work with.

Jun 16, 2020
Very professional, very well educated. I am very impressed with her knowledge of alternative medicine. So glad I found her and that my insurance accepts her!!!

Jun 15, 2020
I think she will be a valuable asset in my approach to my total health care

Jun 11, 2020
I am feeling better already

Jun 11, 2020
Dr. Page is an incredible asset. She understands and treats the whole body not just the symptoms. I have my life back because of the hormone balance work she has been doing with me.

Jun 11, 2020
Seemed through and I am satisfied with her and she ordered a test to look for what is going on.

Jun 11, 2020
She was very knowledgeable and presented info I had not heard before. I feel confident she will have the answer for my problem after all labs are in.

Jun 11, 2020
Nice, easy to talk with, knowledgeable!

Jun 9, 2020
A very caring person.

Jun 5, 2020
She is personable, quick to absorb information and followed up with appropriate questions/requests for clarification. I felt very comfortable with the provider and look forward to a rewarding relationship.

May 28, 2020
She was very knowledgeable and friendly. But I do feel I would have liked a little more time with her.

May 26, 2020
Dr Tracy Page is very knowledgeable and is very good at educating me about my condition. I feel totally comfortable with her.

Apr 23, 2020
Dr Page is so down to earth, compassionate & knowledgeable. She’s one of the few doctors that I feel ACTUALLY listens to me and addresses ALL of my concerns/questions.

Mar 10, 2020
I was very impressed with her knowledge and explanation. I will say she went a bit fast for me – so I was going to ask in the future if I could record the session on my phone, to have as a reference since there was a lot of new terminology?

Mar 10, 2020
Very professional

Mar 6, 2020
Her focus was on my health and had the time to answer my questions in a way I could understand.

Mar 6, 2020
Extremely helpful, patient, informative.

Mar 2, 2020
Tracy Page is wonderful. I honestly feel like she has given me my life back. She is the only provider I have ever seen that wanted to get to the root of my problem and not just give me another prescription.

Mar 2, 2020

Feb 28, 2020
Dr. Page took time to talk to me and was well informed of my symptoms. She was very thorough and made me feel very comfortable. I would recommend her to anyone!! Can’t wait to talk to her again.

Feb 27, 2020
With only have been seen twice it is early to determine. Tracy has helped me already and hope our journey will only help me get better. I feel confident she will get me there.

Feb 25, 2020
I love Dr. Page and her willingness to listen and work with you on your individual needs as well as address any concerns you have. She always makes sure I’m aware of what is going on and we communicate very well.

Feb 24, 2020
She’s very knowledgeable, personable, friendly, and gave multiple options.

Feb 24, 2020
Dr Page is understanding, not judging, and I felt genuinely cared about my situation. I highly recommend her to others. She is a great asset to our community.

Feb 6, 2020
She is very thorough. She listens

Feb 6, 2020
She really listens to me and wants to help me feel better, She is kind, pleasant, and professional.

Jan 31, 2020
I was very impressed how thorough dr. Tracy page was and how well she did educating myself and my husband. I also could tell that she really cared about me as a patient. And gave me the confidence that there is a solution to end all of my pain.

Jan 30, 2020
Tracy is very knowledgeable and great listener and communicator. I would highly recommend her

Jan 30, 2020
I really loved how Dr. Page included my husband in the discussion of my care.

Jan 28, 2020
this was my first visit with this provider. I was very impressed how well she knew and understood my medical issues. She had obviously studied my chart. I was excited that the provider could gather all my diverse symptoms and make sense of them, and explain that to me as well. I really appreciated the tests she ordered, the ones she did not order, because they were not needed. She had some immediate actions I could do to improve my health too. I am looking forward to working with this provider in the future.

Jan 27, 2020
She is very upbeat, personable, positive, and I leave there feeling good.

Jan 23, 2020
Very happy that I made an appointment with Dr. Page. She is knowledgeable and engaged, and she does not push medications/supplements; I appreciate her ‘food first’ philosophy on improving health.

Jan 23, 2020
She comes on as knowing her business and is sincere to accomplish what needs to be done according to test she took so far.

Jan 23, 2020
Dr Page is very professional. She had lots of handouts and seems very organized. Upon discharge, i reviewed the handouts but found them confusing in content. I have a follow up appt already made as is her preference with patients so hopefully will have time to clarify. If there’s another way to get answers I’m not aware of it. No post appt summary given. Lots of info covered…..

Jan 21, 2020
She is a terrific educator and listener. This was my first visit with her, but I am very excited to work with her to address some of my issues that have not been addressed by my primary care physician.

Jan 21, 2020
Dr.Page listened to what I had to say and helped design a diet plan [removed – patient identifier] for group home staff to follow in taking care of my disabled son. I appreciated her recommendations with his other health issues. Most of all she interacted well with my son, she treated him with dignity and compassion!

Jan 20, 2020
She is very helpful

Jan 20, 2020
She is clearly very knowledgeable. I found her to also be courteous, patient and appropriately friendly and professional. I was very impressed.

Nov 18, 2019
She was fantastic – came into the room well prepared, asked me good questions and really listened. I will definitely see her again and refer others to her for care.